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Adrian Mahendrata


Adrian Mahendrata is an AIX, PowerVM, and PowerHA specialist in Melbourne, Australia. He has many years of experience in the design and implementation of AIX, PowerVM, and PowerHA across large enterprise environments. He has worked on various migration projects and disaster recovery implementations throughout his career. He enjoys photography and motorbike riding during his free time. You can connect with him on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @amahendrata.

Linux on Power for AIX Admin: Back to Basics
Linux on Power for AIX Administrator, Part 1: Back to Basics 
Curious about how Linux runs on Power Systems? Adrian Mahendrata shares an AIX admin's perspective on some of the basics of running Linux on Power.
Configuring a Mirror Pool on AIX
Configure a Mirror Pool on AIX 
Adrian Mahendrata walks you through the creation of mirror pools on an AIX LPAR with cross-site disk mirroring.
Accelerate I/O with RAM Disk
Accelerate I/O Performance Using RAM Disk 
Adrian Mahendrata shows you how to use RAM disk for temporary high speed I/O processing on AIX.
Automate NFS Mounts
Automate Network File System Mounts 
Skip the manual mounting and unmounting of a Network File System and use an automounter instead! Adrian Mahendrata shows you how to configure an automount on AIX.
After the High-Fives: Conduct a Post-Implementation Review
After the High-Fives: Conduct a Post-Implementation Review 
If you’ve been involved in a successful project, it pays to do a review of what went right and what could be improved for next time. Anthony English and Adrian Mahendrata present some areas to examine after the project has gone live.
Reduce Memory Costs with AME
Reduce Memory Costs with Active Memory Expansion 
Active Memory Expansion is an interesting feature that comes with PowerVM. Adrian Mahendrata describes how you can reduce memory costs by adopting AME.
Essential AIX Name Resolution Commands
Essential AIX Name Resolution Commands 
Adrian Mahendrata shares a few tips and tricks on using basic and essential name resolution commands in AIX.
The Essential AIX NFS Commands
Essential AIX Network File System Commands  1
Troubleshooting a Network File System on AIX can be quite confusing. Adrian Mahendrata discusses some basic NFS commands and provides tips for best practices.
The Essential AIX Networking Commands
Essential AIX Networking Commands  1
Configuring or troubleshooting a network configuration on AIX? Adrian Mahendrata explains some common networking commands and provides tips on how to use them.
When Things Go Wrong: A Techie’s Perspective
When Things Go Wrong: A Techie’s Perspective 
Adrian Mahendrata shares some tips on dealing with the challenges that a techie faces when a major incident occurs.
Get More Disk Space Without More Disk
Get More Disk Space Without More Disk 
Instead of adding a new disk for more disk space, why not expand the disk size? Adrian Mahendrata demonstrates how to make an AIX volume group aware of disk size increases.
Clone disks safely
Clone Disks Safely 
Adrian Mahendrata demonstrates how to clone a disk safely and get around duplicated LVM data structure using the recreatevg command.
Avoid Messy Nested File Systems
Avoid Messy Nested File Systems 
Sometimes the /etc/filesystems file can get jumbled up. Adrian Mahendrata shows you how to avoid the mess.
Fix Jumbled File System Mount Points
Fix Jumbled File System Mount Points in a Flash 
If the file systems in your /etc/filesystems file are completely out of order, correcting them can be a nightmare. This short script can help you untangle the mess.
Holiday IT Support: How to Get Off the Hook
Holiday IT Support: How to Get Off the Hook 
During the holidays, the last thing you want to do is to spend your time answering IT support calls. Adrian Mahendrata and Anthony English offer some tips on how to reduce those interruptions.
AIX User-Related Commands

Download AIX User-Related Commands (Infographic) today! This quick guide highlights differences between user administration commands on AIX and other UNIX-derived operating systems.

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