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Anthony English


Anthony English is a freelance contractor in Sydney, Australia, with many years of experience on IBM Power Systems. He specializes on PowerVM virtualization and AIX, but has worked in many different industries in a variety of complex -- and smart -- IT environments. He is available for both large or small projects.
Anthony is a regular contributor to POWER IT Pro. He has been recognized as an IBM Champion for his extensive writing about AIX. You can find plenty of AIX tips and tricks on Anthony's popular blog AIX Down Under. You can also follow Anthony on Twitter @AIXDownUnder.
In addition, check out his ebook, AIX Logical Volume First Aid Kit.

Make room for errors
Make Room for Errors 
If your AIX error report is biting off more errors than it can chew, you can fix it with some simple customization. Anthony English shows you how.
What's behind the cat command
What’s Behind that cat Command?  3
Learn how and when (and when not) to use the cat command on AIX.
VIOS Update Showstopper: Media Repository
VIOS Update Showstopper: Loaded Media Repository 
The Virtual I/O Server frequently comes out with enhancements, so VIOS updates are pretty common. But you might sometimes find that these updates fail and issue a cryptic message. Anthony English covers the background of this error message and how to deal with it.
Zero Counts for Something
When Zero Counts for Something 
Like most operating systems, AIX has its quirks and surprises. Follow Anthony English as he explains why the number zero on AIX means something more than nothing.
Triggers for IT infrastructure change
Triggers for Infrastructure Change 
If you want to get your company to invest in new infrastructure, look for evidence of other areas where they’re making changes.
Say Goodbye to Upgrade Files Clutter
Say Goodbye to Upgrade Files Clutter 
When you’re planning an application upgrade, create a file system for all the miscellaneous files that are only needed until the upgrade is complete, then remove the lot of them in one fell swoop. If you can’t be tidy, be smart!
AIX error report 101
AIX Error Report 101 
Not all errors are equal. Get to know your way around the AIX error report so you can quickly learn when to hit the action stations and when to just chill out.
Be Thrilled with the Tilde
Be Thrilled with the Humble Tilde 
The tilde key can serve as a great shortcut on the AIX command line. Anthony English gives you four time-saving tips for using the tilde in AIX.
Looking up the flag
Looking Up The Flag 
Anthony English shares a lesson he learned from running a simple grep command with the flags in the wrong order.
Nothing new under the SAN
Nothing New Under the SAN 
Using the AIX Logical Volume Manager, you can export a volume group from one AIX host and import it on another one. Anthony English shows you how.
Holiday IT Support: How to Get Off the Hook
Holiday IT Support: How to Get Off the Hook 
During the holidays, the last thing you want to do is to spend your time answering IT support calls. Adrian Mahendrata and Anthony English offer some tips on how to reduce those interruptions.
Make communication with international colleagues easier.
How To Work Around the World 
When working with colleagues from around the globe, a few simple steps can make communication a whole lot easier.
The Green Shade of Envy
The Green Shade of Envy 
AIX guru Anthony English shares his thoughts on the "green screen of death" debate.
Your Error Messages Might Be Wrong
Warning: Your Error Messages Might Be Wrong 
When error messages throw you off the scent of a problem, you need to do some serious troubleshooting.
IBM Showcases PowerLinux Offerings
IBM Showcases Its PowerLinux Offerings 
Anthony English takes a quick look at how IBM PowerLinux compares with commodity x86 hardware.
AIX User-Related Commands

Download AIX User-Related Commands (Infographic) today! This quick guide highlights differences between user administration commands on AIX and other UNIX-derived operating systems.

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