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Erwin Earley is a managing consultant at IBM who has worked with the Rochester, Minn., development lab since 1996. Erwin currently works with customers implementing open-source solutions on the IBM i platform as well as systems management solutions. He has worked in the IT industry since 1980 and has experience with several Unix variants as well as Linux, AIX, and IBM i.

Linux on Power: Beyond the Basics
Linux on Power: Beyond the Basics 
Dig deeper into Linux on Power by learning about Linux on Power tools and tips for disk partitioning, device specification, and multipath I/O.
7 Essential Linux Concepts for IT Admins
7 Essential Linux Concepts for IT Admins 
Learn the basic Linux concepts—redirection, pipelining, file management, security, and more—that you need to succeed as a Linux administrator.
The Top Ten Linux Commands
The Top Ten Linux Commands 
Working effectively with the Linux OS requires a basic understanding of the approach that most developers have taken over the years: Using fairly simple commands as building blocks to more complex solutions. In this article, Erwin Earley shares his top 10 Linux commands.
Explore IBM Systems Director's Command-Line Interface 
Erwin Earley explores Systems Director's extensive command-line interface, its commands, and the functions that they perform.
Customizing IBM Systems Director
Customizing IBM Systems Director 
IBM Systems Director offers a number of options you can configure to make the management experience truly unique to your environment. Erwin Earley shows you how to customize the UI, tables, initial landing page, resource groups, and security features, as well as update features to fit your specific needs.
Systems Director Security
Exploring IBM Systems Director Security 
Erwin Earley discusses the basic security aspects of the Systems Director management server, including how to control access to the web console and assign roles, as well as security between the management server and managed endpoints.
IBM Systems Director Usage Tips 
Erwin Earley shares tips that can help both novice and experienced users become more productive with IBM Systems Director.
IBM Systems Director Implementation Tips 
Erwin Earley shares installation, discovery/access, and troubleshooting tips for successfully implementing IBM Systems Director to manage IT environments.
Monitoring IBM i with IBM Systems Director 
IBM Systems Director is a robust tool for tackling a significant number of management tasks in the IT environment. In this article, Erwin Earley focuses on the capabilities that Systems Director provides for monitoring IBM i and IBM i resources and explores using Systems Director to monitor various system metrics, subsystems, message queues, and processes.
Using the Command Line for Discovery, Access, and Inventory 
Discovery, access, and inventory are three of the most basic -- as well as most often executed -- functions in IBM Systems Director. Before any management of an IT resource can take place from IBM Systems Director, the resource must first be discovered so it is known to Systems Director, and access must be requested/granted in order to be able to communicate with the resource. In addition, the inventory of the resource needs to be retrieved. There are times when the command-line interface will be the preferred method for executing these functions -- or it may be the only interface available. In this post, I will share both the web interface method as well the command line method for executing these three functions.
How to Integrate IBM i Message Queues with IBM Systems Director 
In previous articles and blog entries I have covered a number of features and capabilities related to the monitoring function of IBM Systems Director. In this blog entry I would like to share a method for integrating a feature of the IBM i operating system with the monitoring function of Systems Director to easily alert on critical events that occur in the operating system.
How to Use VNC with a Graphical Desktop from a PowerLinux System 
In a previous blog entry I showed how tools such as Xming and Cygwin/X could be used to work with X-windows applications from a PowerLinux system. In this article I would like to show how Virtual Network Computing (VNC) can be used to work with a complete graphical desktop from a PowerLinux system.
Tools to Check Network Port Availability 
As I have pointed out in previous entries in this blog, the availability of network ports is one of the most important pre-requisites of a successful implementation of IBM Systems Director and one of the most common issues that needs to be dealt with.  In this blog entry, I would like to share with you some tools and methods that can be used to check for port availability.
Handy Commands for Running IBM Systems Director on Linux 
A recent customer engagement provided me with the opportunity to install the Systems Director management server on an xSeries system running the Linux operating system.  During the process I discovered a couple of items that might be of interest.
How to Resolve Linux Package Dependencies 
The RedHat Package Manager (RPM) is a powerful software management tool used across a number of Linux distributions. One of the benefits of RPM is that package builders/maintainers can build tendency checks into their packages indicating if the package being installed is dependent on other files, libraries, or packages already being installed on the system. If RPM detects that dependency is not satisfied then the installation will not be attempted and an error message will be output.
AIX User-Related Commands

Download AIX User-Related Commands (Infographic) today! This quick guide highlights differences between user administration commands on AIX and other UNIX-derived operating systems.

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